Sign Up For Our Birthday Club

Every Birthday is a celebration and a milestone in a child’s life. As children grow they require different types of child car seats  and positioning in the vehicle. To help guide parents to the best car seating option we provide email reminders at ages when children typically transition to a new type of car seat. Every child develops differently, and a certified child passenger safety technician can  best evaluate your child for the safest option for their age, size and personality.

We invite you to join our Birthday Club, members of the Birthday club receive an electronic birthday card when your child reaches certain ages to remind you to schedule an appointment to visit a car seat inspection and evaluate your child’s car safety needs. You can choose to discontinue this service at anytime, however we encourage all families to continue our birthday club reminders well into the teen years so they can be advised of the many programs we offer teens and their families as they prepare to get behind the wheel as a driver.

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