About the Program

The Transportation Safety Program is a component of the Injury Prevention Program  at Rady Children’s Hospital. The program provides educational and interactive services to families through one on one education at our child safety seat inspections. This all accomplished with a highly skilled, dedicated team of staff, all certified by a the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and Safe Kids Worldwide. To learn more about the Child Passenger Safety Certification process, please click here.

Please Take a Moment to read more about the technicians that will be working with you when you schedule a Car Seat Inspection:

Mary Beth Moran Program Manager

Mary Beth has been the program manager for injury prevention and the coordinator for Safe Kids San Diego since 2007. She became a certified child passenger safety technician in 2008 and completed enrichment training in child passenger safety for children with special needs in 2010.  She enjoys working with a great team of technicians and providing innovative and informative educational programs throughout San Diego County.

Priscilla Hegger Lead Coordinator

Priscilla became the Coordinator of the Transportation Safety Program in September 2017. She became a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician in April 2017, her favorite client is her 15 month old son! She enjoys working with families in all their transportation safety needs.

Sharon Fischer Child Passenger Safety Technician

Sharon Fischer

Sharon has been a Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2009 and has completed training in 2010 completed Enrichment training for child passenger safety for children with Special Needs. Sharon has been part of the Transportation Safety Team since 2010. She has successfully and safely raised three children of her own and is looking forward to providing safety tips to her future grandchildren.

Shirley Varela Child Passenger Safety Technician

Shirley Varela

Shirley has been a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2008. She completed Enrichment Training for Child Passenger Safety for Children with Special needs in 2010. She became a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor in 2012. Shirley has been part of the Transportation Safety Team since 2009. Shirley continues her commitment to passenger safety as a new mom to her 5 month old daughter.