• Driven to Keeping Your Kids Safe

    Young children require special consideration in all types of travel

  • Driven to Keeping Your Tweens & Teens Safe

    Child Passenger Safety doesn’t end when children graduate out of their car seat

  • Driven To Keeping Your Kids Safe

    Children with special healthcare needs require additional evaluation and technical support to make sure they're safe and secure in the car

  • Driven To Keeping Your Kids Safe

    Physicians are trusted advisors who have access to families to provide guidance on child passenger safety at any age

  • Driven To Keeping Your Kids Safe

    Rady Children’s Hospital has a dedicated team focused on providing families with all the information they need to stay safe on the road

Are you ready

to get clicked in?

Child Passenger Safety is much more than just installing a car seat in your vehicle. The Transportation Safety Program at Rady Children’s Hospital is designed to assist families with decisions about car seats, safety in and around the vehicle to promoting safe driving habits.  So if you are ready to “get clicked in”, start with choosing the best car seat option for your family and explore this comprehensive website.

Car Seat Inspections:

July car seat inspection events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Please call (858) 576-1700 x-243547 for guidance on car seat installation, or visit our child passenger safety page for additional information.